Hope for Living

Grace Home Empowerment Centre aims to equip women and youths with the vocational training and skill sets necessary for self-sustenance.


The women who come to our centre do not have any source of income, or currently work as day labourers. Due to their disadvantaged circumstances, these women are unable to find jobs, or earn way too little to support their families well. More importantly, they have never had the opportunity to obtain the relevant skills needed to advance in life or pursue their dreams.

At Grace Home, we teach these women useful skills like sewing and knitting, massage, pickle-making, amongst others. We want to empower them by teaching sustainable life-long skills that will allow them to provide for their families in a better capacity – and ultimately improve their lives.

Shanti's testimony

She was forced into an inter-caste marriage at 15, and by 20, had given birth to three daughters. Life was very hard for Shanti; bad economic conditions worsened her situation, and to top it off, her husband was a victim of depression and had attempted suicide on multiple occasions. With no support from her sick husband, looking after three young children was an immense challenge for young Shanti, for whom even having a single meal a day was luxury. Not able to cope with the daily struggles, Shanti almost reached a point of severe depression herself.

But a ray of hope arrived one day- Shanti heard of an organization that helped empower disadvantaged women like her by giving them income-generating skills training. She quickly enrolled herself in a six-month basic course run by Uddhar Nepal, LCS’ local office. At the end of these six months, she opened her first tailoring shop in her own home.

Today Shanti has her own tailoring shop in the town near her house, and even hired three women to work for her – two of whom graduated from Uddhar Nepal’s sewing project as well. shanti now earns enough money to take care of not only her family, but also these three women she has provided jobs for.
She tells us, “I know what suffering and pain feels like. I want to open up more job opportunities for needy women like me in the days to come, so that they may be empowered too.”

“Thank you so much, LCS & Uddhar Nepal, for providing these training programs so that women like me can stand on our own two feet. What I am today is a result of your generous love and care. I hope that you would continue to do such noble work, because so many more suffering women need your love and care too.”


We reach out to the youths who need proper guidance to find their direction in life and live out their potential. These are often youths who lack technical skills, have quit school, and spend their time aimlessly on the streets.

We conduct courses like computer training for the youths. We want to help them develop vocational skills that will allow them to earn a living, and give them hope and a new purpose to strive towards.