Elderly Services

Older people are especially vulnerable to social isolation, and we recognize the importance of
reaching out, especially to those who live alone.

Many of them lack communication and crave attention that they find hard to receive. Through
our programs, we want to show them that we care, and provide a listening ear whenever we can.

Befriender Program

We befriend and reach out to elderly residents who live alone.
We want to make them feel valued and useful again, and show them that we genuinely care for them.

We do so by partnering with Presbyterian Community Services, SARAH Elderly Activity Centre and volunteers to conduct quarterly activities to engage our elderly friends.

Testimony from volunteer

“Thank God for the chance to go with a group of brothers and sisters to serve the elderly at Sarah Elderly Activity Centre. We played games with the elderly who enjoyed themselves very much. We are very happy too and hope we can go and visit them again.”

Food Delivery Program

We send food to elderly residents who are unable to afford their daily basic meals.

In our partnership with Presbyterian Community Services, Dorcas, volunteer groups visit assigned blocks around the island to deliver food packets to the elderly residents under the program.

We want to mobilize young volunteers to do their part and give back to society, by lending support to these people who need it.

Elderly Engagement Centre

In 2011, God impressed upon a group of Singapore Life Church members to care for elderly who are living as empty nesters and retirees. We saw the need for these elderly to become more socially engaged as they enter into this phase of their lives.

Life Recreation Centre (“LRC”) was then launched on 27 August 2012, with the aim to provide a platform for the elderly to be cared for by our volunteers.

From Tuesday to Fridays, 10.00AM to 4.00PM, our seniors can look forward to a day of light exercises in partnership with national agencies such as the Health Promotion Board, develop themselves through