Every child deserves equal chance to learn and to have access to education.

We believe in empowerment through education, and its ability to improve lives and break the cycle of poverty.

We reach out to the underprivileged children in these different communities:

Orphans and single parent kids - Grace Home

Subit’s story

Down by a river side in the Lalitpur district of Nepal, Kul Bahadur Balar and his family head to the dumping site at the crack of dawn every day – to collect plastics, pieces of metals, and bottles to sell for a living. But the little amount of money they receive for it is insufficient for them to send their young son Subit to school.

All over the world, almost 57 million children of primary school age do not get to attend school and realize their right to education. But there is hope for young Subit. “We came to know about Grace Home, which provides free education, food and stationery. After Subit began attending it, we saw a great change in him; he can now read and write, and learned to be neat and clean.”

Grace Home, a Pre-Education and Women & Youth Empowerment centre, provides English and basic literacy lessons to preschool children through compassionate, qualified and responsible teachers.

  • Grace Home reaches out to orphans and mostly children from single-parent households. The parents of these children come to Kathmandu from all parts of the country to find work – and usually end up residing in the slum areas. The cost of living in Kathmandu is too high for them to afford their children’s school fees.
  • We provide tuition to primary school students who face challenges in their studies, to ensure that they can continue to have a good education.
  • We have also set up libraries to help instil in the children a love for reading and acquiring knowledge.

Tribal Children - Hilly areas

The hilly tribal children come from families made up of mostly farmers, who have extremely limited resources and low literacy rates. They live in hilly areas of poor hygiene and healthcare facilities.

We distribute basic educational aids to the children like stationery, school bags and uniforms. We want to provide them with equal learning opportunities and allow them to go to school with dignity.

At the same time, we want to ease their parents’ burdens by supporting them financially, ensuring that the children are able to continue receiving their education.

Slum kids

We hold before and after school care services for the children staying in the slum areas, some of whom come from single-parent households or have parents who are unemployed.

Besides tuition, we organize other interesting activities like story-telling, singing, and arts & craft.

These children come from poverty-stricken families and often miss school and find it difficult to catch up later on.

Thus we want to be the ones who can guide them in the right direction and help instil in them a love for learning and education.

Remote Villages' children- Hope Education

Jalpaiguri Hope Education is a pre-education centre for slum children staying in the remote villages.

We sponsor these children’s primary school education in the villages after they have graduated from pre-school, and also provide them with fundamental education resources like workbooks, uniforms, bags and stationery.

We do these in hopes that the children and their parents understand the value of continuing their education.