Disaster Reflief Project

Deadly earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.3 struck Nepal in April and May 2015 respectively. This natural disaster left more than 8,700 people dead and up to 2.8 million homeless. Victims who survived the quake face urgent assistance in terms of food, medical care, and shelter. Without provision of aid, the lives of survivors continue to hang by the thread – enduring injury, hunger, and coldness in the open.

Plans to step in and provide aid to the earthquake victims were thrown into action by Life Care Society (LCS) when the first earthquake struck. Donations were collected from 27 April to 31 May, and relief works will continue through 2016 June.

Phase one of basic relief aid was first distributed to citizens of hardest hit area Kathmandu Valley. Food items such as rice packs, dal, and oil were given to families to ensure their continued survival in the midst of hunger. Medical aid and tents were also distributed to provide respite from the pain and coldness of night. Phase two of LCS relief works reached out to districts outside Kathmandu Valley, including Gorkha, Sindhupalchowk, Dhading, Nuwakot, Ramechhap, and Dolakha. These areas were the epicentre of the earthquakes, millions of homes were destroyed as ripples spread. The citizens in these areas are most vulnerable and in need of our assistance. LCS works closely with community committees and local churches to deliver relief aid to the hands of the needy. By 2015 June, we have provided 4,867 bags of rice, 574 tents, 60 zinc sheets and benefited 7,375 families in Nepal.

We are continuing with phase three: Relief and rebuilding works – reaching out to the identified districts with following objectives:

Provide basic relief supplies to 800 families
Repair and rebuild 8 schools
Provide zinc sheets for rod toilets to 100 families
Provide scholarships to 100 earthquake-affected children
Provide educational aids to 500 earthquake-affected children

LCS Disaster Relief project