AIDS Community Care

People who live in communities where AIDS is rampant not only have to deal with poverty, but must also endure additional suffering as a result of being infected with the virus.

With our AIDS Community Care Programme, we want to improve the quality of life of these disease-stricken families, and bring hope to them in their dire state.

360 Care Programme, Nepal

Our aim is to help these AIDS victims become self-sustaining, and ensure they are able to continue living with dignity. Beyond just providing them with funding or daily necessities, our 360 Care Programme also looks into other areas that would greatly impact their lives – like equipping them with the resources needed for independent living, and providing them with follow-up and support.

In the villages of Kailali and Kanchanpur in Nepal, we selected 220 of the AIDS-stricken families residing there (with 350 infected or affected children in total), and provided each of them with the following:

1. Family living package

  • Basic food items like rice, dal and oil are distributed to families.
  • Bus fares are sponsored so that AIDS-infected family members can go to the hospital to continue with their medical follow up.
  • Basic shelters are built for families who were chased out of their homes by relatives because of their illnesses – we ensure that they will still have roofs over their heads.

2. One goat one family program

In order to ensure that the families we reach out to remain self-sustaining, each family is given a goat. The ladies are required to keep the goats for two yers to give birth to more goats. They can start to sell the goats after the two years, afer selling, some of them has started to open small shops, buying good nutricious meals, pay for children education, home repairing and building toilets.


Iswshori is a widow whose husband has died of AIDS. She has two sons, both of whom are AIDS-infected as well. Before receiving help from Life Care Society, Iswshori suffered in poor living conditions, and a severe lack of basic necessities.

When LCS stepped in to provide her with aid, we also included her in our 360 AIDS Care Program. Under the goat self-sufficiency program, Iswshori now owns four goats which she takes to the jungle every day and keeps healthy. She plans to sell the male goats to support her children’s school and living expenses, and keep the female goats for reproduction.

Iswshori expresses her gratefulness, and comments that she is now filled with the courage to live on and hope for a better future.

3. Education aids package for the children in the family

We believe that these children affected by AIDS deserve an equal chance at education just like any other child.

Thus we sponsor their school fees, and provide them with educational aids like school bags, uniforms, stationery, and exercise books.

4. Family care visit is carried out regularly by project workers

The people who work on these projects with us regularly visit the homes of these AIDS-infected families, to show care towards them and follow-up on their situation.

We monitor and assess their progress by holding gatherings at their houses and frequently interacting with them. We believe it is important that we are a continued source of support for them.

5. AIDS awareness and support

We create awareness of AIDS and its prevention through programs aired on local radio stations – we believe that educating the locals is an important step towards curbing this phenomenon.

We also conduct periodical support groups for the infected women in the families and provide them with counselling.

Education and Living Package
for Families with AIDS - China

Due to the vast market of people illegally selling their blood in the 90s to get out of extreme poverty, many innocent children have been orphaned by AIDS, and some even infected. These children often only live with their grandparents, and as such there are no breadwinners in their homes; they are unable to afford basic necessities for living.
In order to help alleviate their struggles, we provide assistance with the following:
• Quarterly studies allowance for 300 children
• Quarterly living allowance for 100 families (without children) that are sick, aged, or have a bed-ridden member at home
• Sponsor a number of University students in their higher education
• Implement a winter and summer necessities program for the children
In carrying out these efforts, our aims are to:

  • Ensure that the 300 AIDS-infected and affected children can have equal opportunities at education amidst their desperate situations
  • Enable the 100 AIDS-infected and affected families to have their basic living necessities provided for


Dear Uncles and Aunties,

Greetings to you. I am Fu Li Li .I have 4 family members including my parents, my younger brother and myself.

Both my parents contracted AIDs and on top of that, my mother has arthritis and is bedridden. We are dependent on our father who makes a living doing agricultural work. My brother needs to attend school and I am currently attending university. But I thank the Lord that your offerings provided us with not just the clothes and money we require, but most importantly, hope.

Thank you Jesus for Your love and we are committed to serve You fervently.”

“Hello auntie! Peace be upon you!

I am the university student Wang Enci whom you have sponsored. Thanks for all the help you have given me all this time and I really wish to express gratitude from the bottom of my heart! It is only because of your help that I am able to attend university to gain more knowledge and experience varsity life; and because of you that I have the opportunity to worship together with so many Christian students, and in so doing get to know God better!

In order to help others, I have joined my school’s young adult volunteer association, and have become an official member after a 3 months’ probation. During this time, we have been to a welfare home and an autism education centre, in addition to community service in a lot of other places. Recently, I was voted as an outstanding worker; the secretary and counsellor including my seniors have given me high praise. Glory be to God!

I am studying business English. My English has greatly improved compared to how it was in the past. I am also very optimistic about my future. All these are inseparably linked to your sponsorship; without which Enci could not possibly be writing to you right now! Once again, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks!

Thank God! May his Grace be with you always! Emmanuel.