What We do

We are committed towards improving the lives of the communities we serve, and giving them opportunities to have hope for the future. We strive to empower them through our life-changing programmes.

We believe that though our efforts may seem small and insignificant, every little action contributes and goes a long way!

Our Area of Impact

Elderly Services

Older people are especially vulnerable to social isolation, and we recognize the importance of reaching out, especially to those who live alone.

Many of them lack communication and crave attention that they find hard to receive. Through our programs, we want to show them that we care, and provide a listening ear whenever we can.


Every child deserves equal chance to learn and to have access to education.
We believe in empowerment through education, and its ability to improve lives and break the cycle of poverty.
We reach out to the underprivileged children in these different communities:

Hope for Living

Grace Home Empowerment Centre aims to equip women and youths with
the vocational training and skill sets necessary for self-sustenance.

AIDS Community Care

People who live in communities where AIDS is rampant not only have to deal with poverty, but must also endure additional suffering as a result of being infected with the virus.

With our AIDS Community Care Programme, we want to improve the quality of life of these disease-stricken families, and bring hope to them in their dire state.

Disaster Reflief Project

Deadly earthquakes of magnitude 7.8 and 7.3 struck Nepal in April and May 2015 respectively. This natural disaster left more than 8,700 people dead and up to 2.8 million homeless. ….

Special Projects

One Child One Picture, Nepal & India

Medical Project, Nepal & India

Library Centre, China

House Building, Batam

Blood Donation Drive, Singapore

Project Homeworks, Singapore