Get Involved

We’re looking for like-minded individuals with a desire to serve and a passion to touch hearts and change lives. We need volunteers from both individuals and corporations.

More than just financial help, we’re looking for people who have talents and skills that they want to share and impart.

If you’re interested to make a difference and be part of the work that we do, check out how you can help below. We welcome people from all walks of life!

You can be involved in our projects
through the following ways:


  1. Support a child financially (providing educational aids package/pre-education school fees)
  2. Support families financially (the cost of a family living package/a goat in Nepal/building basic homes )
  3. Go on visitation trips to beneficiaries
  4. Be part of a Medical Camp trip: We need medical doctors, dentists, nurses, health workers, and helpers
  5. Conduct activities for children and youth camps
  6. Conduct children programs: storytelling, music songs, games, arts etc
  7. Build houses in Batam
  8. Lead skills-training workshops:
    1. Sewing and knitting
    2. Computer: Operate a computer, Microsoft office, internet communication etc
    3. English Language
    4. Mobile, electrical equipment
    5. Hair cutting
    6. Massage
    7. Photography
    8. Guitar & other musical instruments
    9. Beverage-making
    10. Others (open to all to benefit the locals)


  1. Form a team to visit the elderly periodically and conduct various activities and programs for them
  2. Form a team to deliver food packets to the elderly
  3. Participate in yearly and bi-yearly blood donation drives
  4. Help out with Administration: volunteers management system
  5. Help out with Marketing: article & newsletter writing
  6. Help out with Mass Communication: videographer, video producer, graphic designer, webmaster
  7. Become an ambassador or fundraiser for Life Care Society community projects


Ms. Hui Shi

76, Retiree

Nepal AIDS family care visit

I have always had a dream to do community work, but just didn’t know where and how to go about doing it…Life Care Society has provided me this opportunity to experience it.

Mr. Yao Tat Guang
30, Vice President of DBS Bank

China AIDS family care visit

I began to re-think the meaning of life; we should not only live for ourselves but share with those who are in need of love and care.

Dr. Ng Kai Sum Family
52, Medical Doctor

Nepal medical camp

Whenever my kids want more than what they need, the reminder of what they had experienced on this trip will help to give them a better perspective of owning and giving.

Take the first step!

If you’re interested to donate or participate in any of the voluntary works indicated above,

please contact: +65 6259 8870 or